Organic Italian extra virgin olive oil

bollo cipriani verde
Thanks to its fruity, light taste and delicate aroma, this extra virgin olive oil is perfect for the preparation of fine dishes,
and has been used in the kitchens of Harry’s Bar in Venice within living memory: it is mild – yet has a character – and does not cover the taste of the other ingredients.
The ideal pantry should store as many oils as the regions of our country, for there are as many varieties of olives and countless recipes, yet we chose this oil because of its centrality and versatility.


Code: 2435
Content: 0.5 l / 16.88 fl.oz


bollo cipriani verde
Vinegar, like the oil which often accompanies it, must season without dominating:
the correct balance in the blend of seasonings serves to enhance the flavour of the dishes which it adorns, for example salads.
The vinegar we have chosen comes from a D.O.C. wine – la Barbera – produced by an old method which, after the acetification process, allows for aging in oak barrels.
It is characterised by a low acidity level and a unique fragrance.


Code: 3050
Content: 0.5 l / 16.88 fl.oz